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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 15, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a grus some crime scene. the latest on an east bay murder investigation. the protest against a south bay tech giant. and here is a live look at the sonul grade. we will check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning, everybody. we're happy you joined us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. we begin with a disturbing discovery in a quiet east bay neighborhood. alameda county investigators say
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they wept to a castro valley home on omega avenue for a probation check, and ended up finding a body and a blood soaked room. christie smith is live with the latest on the investigation. christie, pretty shocking out there. >> reporter: it is very surprising, really odd circumstances out here this morning. investigators say they're still trying to figure out who this man is and exactly how he died. they came to this home and say there was a significant amount of blood inside, and clearly some kind of bad trauma happened here, but exactly what is unclear. we have seen them taking out several bags of evidence all morning. they tell us as you said, this started with a routine probation check on someone that lived in the home on omega avenue and a number of other homes because neighbors reported suspicious people and circumstances. this started yesterday around 7:00 p.m. investigators say someone answered and deputies made their way inside and discovered blood and a victim, a man in his 20s.
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no one has been arrested or detained, but investigators say they're talking with them. neighbors tell us a mom and adult son live in the home, but the mom was on vacation, and there had been increased activity of people coming and going at the home. >> when i left for work yesterday, there was three cars parked in front of the house. i don't remember the make or model of the cars. >> cars you don't recognize. >> no, not normal cars. >> very unusual circumstance, yes. we do probation, parole searches quite frequently, not often that you go in and find a bloody scene and then a body to go along with that. >> reporter: a sheriff spokesperson says it appears the victim wasn't the person they did the probation check on in the first place. they're still investigating this as a homicide. it would be the first homicide of the year for castro valley. christie smith, nbc bay area news. sad developments in the case
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of a missing santa clara supervisor. they confirm ray halsell was found in a car near traci. he was missing since thursday afternoon. friends and relatives and co-workers launched a search for him over the weekend. chp officers say he had been in an accident and his car was found down an embankment. the cause of death at this point was not released. a scary moment for a driver. three men carjacked the driver's 2004 jaguar, using a stun gun. it happened on daisy line in east palo alto last night. the victim was shocked with the stun gun, but not hurt. the men got away in the silver jag with a california license plate 6 uvw 915. 6 uvw 915. two arrests being reported as a greenpeace protest on apple campus. tiac
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activists projecting images on the headquarters in a clean our cloud protest. they say apple relies too much on coal fired power plants to fuel the i cloud. greenpeace wants them to use more renewable energy instead. activists put up twitter and facebook messages calling on apple to make changes, even had people dressed as giant ipods trying to send a message. very creative. it closed the road near the campus about 40 minutes. >> we have folks on iphones today, in ipod that was out front delivering that message to apple. hopefully they'll rise to the challenge of being an innovator, and adopting clean energy. >> apple takes numbers greenpeace quoted in the past when it comes to renewable energy. a judge could make a crucial decision involving the suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. attorneys argue whether a video of mirkarimi's wife can be used
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in the official misconduct case against him. it shows a bruise on her arm. you saw that. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, settled domestic abuse charges. he wants to use the video for his case to permanently remove mirkarimi from office. today is the deadline for applications to replace former alameda supervisor. she resigned her post in april after disclosing an affair and battle with drug addiction. the former supervisor is the wife of state treasurer bill laheer. a school traumatized weeks ago by the mass shooting has been placed on probation. state regulators downgrading the approval of the nursing program a little over a month after a gunman killed six students and staff at the school. regulators noted several deficiencies, including chronically low pass rates on
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licensing exams by oikos graduates. the school could lose its state license unless it improves those grades in two years. south san francisco police are looking for a serial arsonist. they say a fire, a car fire on waverly court near 280 early yesterday may be connected to several smaller fires on callan court. investigators say someone started the fire stuffing something into the gas tank. another fire on king drive in daly city about the same time could also be tied to this case. san jose city council members could make history with a vote on businesses that offer quick cash in the city. they're set to put a cap on the number of pay day lenders in san jose and prevent businesses opening in or near low income areas. if the measure does pass, the lenders must stay in the current locations. if council approves the measures, san jose will be the largest city in the entire country to put a cap on pay day
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lenders. 20,000 teachers across california got layoff notices in march. today they're learning if they will lose their jobs. this is the day school districts have to notify employees if their jobs are eliminated. in san francisco alone, more than 200 teachers were given pink slips. in san jose, more than 140. the good news, many districts say the majority of layoff notices will be rescinded. and thousands of undocumented workers in california may get permission to stay in the state. a bill moving through the california legislature would give some immigrants, those who already have jobs, state work permits. many of them are farm laborerers, office cleaners, and fast food workers. supporters say immigration reform has been a nonstarter in congress, and the bill would allow california to solve its immigration problems. critics say state lawmakers should not be tinkering with the federal immigration system. getting caught talking and texting while driving could be
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soon more expensivexpensive. they voted to increase fines for drivers that don't go hands free. the fine is up to $30 from $20, but the actual cost could climb to almost $200 when you factor in court fees. that measure bans bicyclists from talking on phones. the palo alto landscape will be changing. city council members vote to approve a building at the site of a defungt gas station. it will house three stories of offices and retail space. a nice day this tuesday. meteorologist christina loren is tracking the nice forecast. >> we had to wait for the sun yesterday almost all day at the coast. it is already making an appearance now. we have to wait a little longer before we clear the low clouds. out of the bay area, a live look at san francisco, transamerica
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pyramid. the sun is coming out, but just started in the past hour. san jose has had sunshine the past four hours. look at the difference in temperatures at the coast versus inland. 67 in concord. mean whiem, san francisco, 57 degrees. now that the sun is coming out, temperatures climb into the 70s and 80s. five to ten degree jump from yesterday's highs. then we swing temperatures lower. then right back up for the weekend. that shows on the seven-day forecast. >> roller coasters all day. >> good time, right? >> jump on the ride every day. love it. thanks a lot, christina. the only case where getting struck by lightning paid off. economists come out with a memorial day travel forecast. a look at what factors are changing some summer vacations. good morning, i'm bob redell. we're taking you live to san
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jose, we're at the start line, minutes away from the start of the stage three of the amgen tour of california. we will have it for you coming up. shares haven't started trading, already facebook prices are higher. we'll take a look coming up in business news. and here is a live look, that's oakland in the east bay. look at all those clear blue skies. meteorologist christormglo fortaast for us. we'll check in with her in a moment. stay with us. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on.
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welcome back. the world's top cyclists are minutes away from stage three of the amgen tour, taking off from the south bay. nbc bay area bob redell is in san jose at the starting line. lots of commotion there, bob. where are you exactly? where is the starting line. >> we're at the starting line. they're pushing us back. just got done introducing the riders at the stage three starting line. they're moving all of the media
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out of the way. national anthem is playing. if we go over here, we can watch them go by. it is the third stage of amgen tour of california. it is a trip to livermor normally takes 30 minutes. if you're one of these competitive cyclists, it will here are s because t detours on the way. one rider said it is about suffering and getting over it. what kind of advantage do you have against other competitors? >> definitely an advantage. a lot of the fight is in your head, knowing the roads and knowing that you're at home makes a difference. >> amgen tour of california, number one race in the country. to have it happen in the bay area here, spectacular.
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>> we lost bob there, but the third leg of the amgen tour, there are eight legs. started sunday in santa rosa. today they go from san jose through concord to livermore. the windup in santa cruz is the next leg. >> good luck to the riders and bob redell making it happen. bob fast on his feet to get out of the way so they can start the race. facebook hasn't started trading and the price is up. scott mcgrew says they're upping the range of estimated price per share. >> good morning. facebook is trying to take the temperature of investors to set the right price for that ipo, thinks it can push up the price. they filed financial papers increasing the range in which it will offer shares by $4 between 34 and $38. clearly, facebook thinks demand is there.
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an exact price will be set before the trading day friday, if everything goes to plan. marla, you talked to the average investor on the street. some have really bright ideas about this. >> you know, they don't have a revenue stream that supports the idea of being a 100 billion dollar company. >> you don't think it is worth it? >> no. >> yahoo was worth $100 billion a few years ago, look where they are today. >> other things worth noting. not only did facebook up the expected price, it upped the float as well, the number of shares it is offering. it is winning on both sides. it is doing so as the market has a huge stomachache over the future of the economy. european markets closed low this morning. the price we are seeing while it could be fair, the market will decide that, it is high when you compare it to past earnings. facebook is twice as expensive as google when it first offered shares. back to you. >> it is a monster story in the
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silicon valley. throughout the week, we team up with our colleagues to cover the facebook ipo from every angle. scott mcgrew leading the way with the team, five reporters covering this story and how it will literally impact the bay area. the memorial day travel forecast is out. economists and tourism experts expect only a small increase in summer travel because most americans are still too worried about their job and the economy. gas prices are still high enough to keep many people at home. while the job market is improving, it is still shaky. household debt remains high. experts say the bulk of road trippers will choose closer destinations, and reduce food and entertainment expenses to conserve cash. if you are planning on flying, here is good news. the nation's largest airlines got passengers to the destination on time in record time from january to march. this is according to data from the transportation department. the 15 carriers were on time 84%
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of the time. it is the best on time arrival performance of any first quarter since data collection began in 1995. new developments in the u.k. phone hacking scandal. a former news executive and her husband are facing charges. rebekah brooks being prosecuted on obstruction of justice. her husband charlie accused of trying to hide evidence related to the hacking. police relaunched investigation last year into claims the journalist at the news of the world tabloid routinely hacked into phones of celebrities, politicians and crime victims. brooks was rupert murdoch's protege and former editor of news of the world and the sun. lady gaga is going to have to cancel a sold out show in indonesia because of pressure from islamic hard liners. the permit for the june 3 gig was denied. indonesia, the world's most populated muslim nation, hard liners vocally criticized the pop star over her clothing and
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dance moves which they say will corrupt young people. >> interesting. let's check the weather. a good day for the bike ride and the amgen tour. >> perfect for any spandex collection. good morning. temperatures are warm inland, we are still on the cold side. taking a live look at the hills here, not quite as alive as two weeks ago, startingo turn brown. as a result, that's why pollen levels are coming down. that's why you haven't been sneezing and sniffling as much as you have been the last couple weeks if you suffer from allergies. that's good news. we are in moderate range. high pollen count just about all week long and all weekend. 81 in san jose, and we're going to see a high of 68 in san francisco. that full deck of clouds this morning is bringing about a nice cool day at the coast. meanwhile, we will warm into the 80s where the sun is out in full force, sunrise, 6:10.
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giants take on the rockies. 55 degrees, wind out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. i don't think wind will be much factor. today, temperatures stay on the mild side. tomorrow warming up by three or four degrees. high pressure takes control and we see less in terms of low cloud cover, lesson shore flow. we get a little fog at the coast tomorrow. i think it clears about an hour earlier. temperatures three to four degrees warmer. stop on future cast. full deck of clouds to start. meet back here at 11:00 a.m., clear bay area. so if trying to make weekend plans, it looks good. we drop in temperature before we hit the weekend. thursday and friday temperatures in the 70s. saturday and sunday, we warm back up, looking great for beach plans on sunday. back to you guys. >> christina, thank you. we like the beach. fixing the state's financial
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woes. one lawmaker has a way to add money to the state budget if california would take a gamble on his idea. you may have to be careful where you light up. tighter smoking restrictions in a bay area city. and to join the discussion, check us on facebook. i am logged on now. search nbc bay area. a live look outside. that's some of the sunshine christina loren was talking about. the mountains and trees, it is perfection. back in a minute. g
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california casinos trying to get state lawmakers to go all in for online poker. supporters say legalizing internet poker would pour hundreds of millions into the state budget. state senate leader daryl steinberg is coauthor of the
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bill that says it will bring in $200 million. several other states are looking at bills looking at legalizing web based gambling. online operators say there are already 2 million californians playing online. you may want to leave cigarettes at home if headed for lunch on mr. presideountain vie street. smoking is banned in all outside areas and you aren't allowed to light up within 25 feet of a smoke free area. if caught, violators face a $50 fine. business owners are also responsible for educating employees on the ban. how about this, not something you wish for, but a lightning strike turns out to be extremely lucky for a couple of homeless brothers. alfred and george were struck by lightning last month camping on mt. diablo. living in a tent because they lost their oakland home to foreclosure. since the story aired, a lot of
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public support behind these guys. donors distributing $10,000 to the brothers. the older brother alfred still working for work as an account nlt. younger brother george is developmentally disabled. this week, more good news. the brothers moving into an east oakland home to work as temporary care takers. >> nice. happy ending to that story. >> yes. well, creepy oewr ne, new t tabs on you at bay area bars.
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welcome back. taking a live look at the beautiful mountains of san jose. holding on to good air quality today as on shore flow has strengthened. we're now in moderate range for pollen levels. much improvement in air quality. we will see a warmer day five to ten degrees than yesterday. a touch more tomorrow. then cool off, add clouds thursday and friday. catch the giants here on nbc bay area friday night at 7:00.
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back to you guys. >> thank you, christina. i like to check out the bar scene. finally you can do so in the bay area thanks to a new app. >> this was launched friday. hidden sensors record the average age, crowd size, male to female ratio, broadcast that information to users to take a look at it, decide if they want to hang out at that scene. the technology uses facial detection, not recognition. among bars taking part, fluid ultra lounge and south paw barbeque. >> i don't mind that. >> you want to make money, come up with an app, bozo app. i'm sorry, loser. >> loading that asap. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. >> out, have a great day.
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